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The Programs listed below have been suggested by the Group's Members as having been helpful to themselves and are therefore recommended by them for use to others. The programs have been put into sections, but as some programs overlap into other sections it is advisable to view all the sections.

Any member knowing of a suitable program not listed here is requested to use the contact page to send details so that it may be added to this page.

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Colour Management Programs
Colour Confidence

Colour Confidence is a unique approach to professional colour management that not only meets the complex needs of the large-scale prepress and print sector, but also the important demands of designers and content creators with limited budgets.

Colour Confidence is a multi-stage approach to colour management. With the range divided into complementary product & service offerings, starting with Colour Confidence Studio, users have an affordable route into professional colour management - a route that will improve colour matching, repeatability - saving time and money.

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Profile Prism

Profile Prism is software that allows monitor calibration and can generate ICC profiles for digital cameras, scanners, and printers using an IT8 reference target. Resulting color profiles may be used in any ICC aware application such as Qimage Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel PhotoPaint, and many others.

The software is designed for a PC running any 32 bit Windows operating system, however, it can be run on a Mac running Virtual PC. In addition, since the ICC profiles generated by Profile Prism are 100% compliant with ICC specsifications the profiles themselves may be used on any platform (PC, Mac, etc.).

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