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The Programs listed below have been suggested by the Group's Members as having been helpful to themselves and are therefore recommended by them for use to others. The programs have been put into sections, but as some programs overlap into other sections it is advisable to view all the sections.

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Imaging Effects Programs
Photo Tools 3.0

Photoshop users are always looking for easy ways to get work done.

For creating everyday effects that all designers need, PhotoTools is the ultimate tip. Extensis PhotoTools is a collection of Photoshop plug-ins that enhances creativity through discovery and experimentation. Its remarkable interface lets you play with dozens of settings until you achieve the perfect effect for real-world print, multimedia and web design. Whether you need to create realistic shadows, seamless textures, animated GIFs, custom bevels, textured surfaces and more.

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PhotoZoom™ Professional

Many professionals are familiar with the problem; quality loss caused by digital image magnification. In many cases a great deal of time is spent on achieving only a fairly acceptable enlargement result, however there are familiar side effects including out-of-focus images and serrated edges which is illustrative for the lack of professional magnification software.

PhotoZoom™ Professional is based on a patented, self-adjusting, advanced interpolation method, called S-Spline Technology. It introduces a revolutionary approach to digital image enlargement. It is able to render true to life image magnifications without the serrated edges - yet perfectly focused - without visible loss of quality!

The software is perfectly suited for digital photography, large printing, DTP, web design and online publishing, but also for industrial image processing such as space technology, security, medical and forensic applications.


* Improved S-Spline Algorithm
* Advanced fine-tuning tools for even better enlargement results
* Batch conversion
* Extensive support for high-end image formats (such as 48 & 64 bit images)
* Standalone application + Adobe Photoshop compatible export plugin.

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PhotoFrame 2.5

Every good photo deserves a frame. An interesting border or frame around an image can accent the beauty of the photo itself. But making frames in Photoshop has always been a tricky process limited to advanced Photoshop users. Fortunately, an easier way has arrived.

Extensis PhotoFrame helps you to design unlimited high-quality image frames and borders for your images. Combine and customize any of the included 2000+ natural and digital frames or create your own original frame. Experiment with edge effects, colors, blend modes, shadows, textures, bevels and much more to discover the perfect border for your photos.

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Genuine Fractals 4.0

Digital imaging professionals have made Genuine Fractals plug-ins the preferred software solution for creating high-quality images within Adobe® Photoshop®. An indispensable tool for photographers, graphic artists and digital imaging professionals, Genuine Fractals enables you to create resolution-independent images from any size file and lets you print superior quality enlargements without any degradation in image quality. No matter how you use digital images, LizardTech's Genuine Fractals makes using them easier.

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Pixology has built the software and systems that help substitute the 100-year old film infrastructure with the new digital infrastructure.

It is focused exclusively on the digital photographic market and has two specific product lines:
An end-to-end Digital Imaging Connectivity solution that enables consumers to easily print, organise and share their digital pictures at home, via the internet or through in-store kiosks

A software tool that automatically eliminates red-eye - one of the key problems in digital photography.
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Auto FX Software

Auto FX Software is the world's foremost developer of visual enhancement software for Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Corel Photo Paint. The software works as both a plug-in for these graphic programs and as a stand-alone imaging solution for Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP systems.

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Andromeda Filters for Photoshop

Boost productivity in your digital darkroom with this powerful collection of creative tools from Andromeda.

Includes: RedEyePro, ScatterLight Lenses, LensDoc, Perspective and VariFocus

About RedEyePro:
A direct and easy method of redeye removal for Photoshop users. Red-eye is caused by light reflected off the subject’s retina when a flash picture is taken in low light. While some cameras offer red-eye reduction as a feature, it can only reduce the problem, not eliminate it. RedEyePro provides an easy and effective redeye tool for image professionals.

About ScatterLight Lenses:
Professional Digital Lenses for Scattering Light - The ScatterLight Lenses produce a broad scope of realistic patterned and diffusion lens effects ranging from subtle soft focus effects most often seen in professional portraiture and landscapes, to more dramatic effects that scatter and focus light over the brightest areas of an image.

About LensDoc:
A universal solution to lens distortions - A Photoshop compatible plug-in that corrects barreling and pincushioning distortions in your photos which are produced by many zoom and wide angle lenses. LensDoc also allows you to make simple perspective and rotational adjustments. Use the easy step by step Novice interface, or Professional level Expert Mode. Identify curved lines that should be straight and place the target points, LensDoc does the rest.

About Perspective:
View and manipulate your image through our "lens" - A unique Photoshop compatible plug-in that uses a camera paradigm to introduce or enhance depth or perspective distortions in your images. Change and conform multiple images or text characters. Use factory presets with a visual interface or create your own. A quick and intuitive perspective tool.

About VariFocus:
This depth of field effect is an Andromeda developed variable defocusing technology. Focus on an area by using our aperture masks or import your own. Distort, shift and save masks. Use the positive and negative unsharp masking controls before you apply focus/defocus to sharpen your image or to create a special effect.

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