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The Programs listed below have been suggested by the Group's Members as having been helpful to themselves and are therefore recommended by them for use to others. The programs have been put into sections, but as some programs overlap into other sections it is advisable to view all the sections.

Any member knowing of a suitable program not listed here is requested to use the contact page to send details so that it may be added to this page.

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Panorama Programs
PixAround Solutions

With PixAround™ Solutions, anyone can now create and publish 360° interactive PixAround Webpages quickly and easily - in just 3 simple steps of Snap, Stitch, Publish™. Through PixAround Scenes, Webpages or Postcards, your visitors can go on a virtual 360° tour of any location, at any time, anywhere. Special equipment and additional browser plug-ins are not required.

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Panavue Image Stitcher

PanaVue ImageAssembler lets you assemble multiple photos to build genuine mosaics or restore vast panoramas. It can easily wrap a complete 360º panorama. Images can be saved in most common formats (bmp, tiff, jpeg, pict, targa, etc) but also in the QuickTime® VR format from Apple. Once saved in this format, images can be visualized in Virtual Reality with QuickTIme Viewer. They can also be published directly on the web and displayed in Netscape or Microsoft Explorer browsers (with the QuickTime plug-in).

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Panorama Factory

The Panorama Factory from Smoky City Design, LLC is a panoramic stitching program for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP. It creates high-quality panoramas from a set of overlapping digital images. The Panorama Factory transforms (warps) the images so that they can be joined seamlessly into panoramas whose fields of view can range up to 360 degrees.

The Panorama Factory creates images that rival those made by rotational and swing-lens panoramic cameras. Not only can The Panorama Factory facilitate creation of immersive VR worlds, it also provides features for the fine-art panoramic photographer who wishes to work from ordinary 35mm images or images captured with a digital camera.

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