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The Programs listed below have been suggested by the Group's Members as having been helpful to themselves and are therefore recommended by them for use to others. The programs have been put into sections, but as some programs overlap into other sections it is advisable to view all the sections.

Any member knowing of a suitable program not listed here is requested to use the contact page to send details so that it may be added to this page.

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Multi-featured Digital Imaging Programs

ACDSee digital camera software makes it easy to get, view, organize, print, enhance and share your digital photographs. View and browse digital photos and graphics quickly, even large images or thousands of thumbnail previews at a time. ACDSee picture viewer and graphic converter is the solution for managing images. Preview sound and video files for over 50 media formats in total, including AVI, MPEG and MP3. Plus, store thumbnails of your entire CD collection and then browse through all your images without loading or switching discs.

More than just digital camera software, ACDSee enables you to get pictures onto your computer to printing photos and sharing them on the Web and everything in between. Get images from almost any source, including TWAIN, FlashPoint Digita and WIA digital cameras, scanners, memory cards, CDs, USB devices and the Web.

Use this flexible photo album software to organize and manage pictures efficiently with features like batch category assignment, calendar view and keyword and camera metadata searching. Create your own categories and assign multiple images to them at a time. View all your photos from a particular year, month, week or day. Or, find files fast by keyword, metadata, date, type, description or other properties.

In addition, as light photo editing software, you can use ACDSee to resize, rotate, adjust exposure and fix red-eye quickly. And, as a graphic converter, ACDSee lets you save images in 10 formats. Print single and multiple photos as well as quick-reference contact sheets with ease and include file information and camera metadata. Plus, share your digital photos free on ACD's SendPix Web hosting service, or attach them to e-mail directly from ACDSee.

ACDSee's plug-in expandability means your specialized needs for advanced printing or web optimization are taken care of. You'll be able to add plug-ins as well as your favorite programs like professional photo editing software that you can launch right from ACDSee. Save time by starting all your image management from one program.

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Photo Suite 8.0

* Crop & rotate photos, remove red eye - even wrinkles!
* Capture video bursts along with still images
* Add up to 999 photos per DVD slideshow menu
* Create 16:9 (widescreen) DVD slideshows
* Share with online Peer-to-Peer photo sharing
* Access photos spread across multiple computers

PhotoSuite® 8 puts the power to create spectacular photo projects of the highest quality right in your hands. With One Button Photo Fix, Smart Views, and Peer-to-Peer photo sharing your life just got a whole lot more organized. What’s more, the DVD creation capability turns your slideshow productions into DVDs that you can easily share with friends and family on your TV!

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iView MediaPro

MediaPro is an extremely powerful and customizable digital asset management application for importing, annotating, organizing, archiving, searching and distributing your ever-growing collection of digital files.

Powerful Import Options

Professional File Format Support: Robust, intelligent drag & drop import of over 100 different media formats including images, audio, video, fonts, illustrations, PDF, HTML and proprietary digital camera RAW files (including DNG, Nikon NEF, Canon CRW, CR2 & TIF, Kodak DCR, Pentax PEF, Sony SRF and Olympus ORF).

Full Annotation Control

Drag & drop batch meta-tagging using industry standards (including IPTC/XPM Core &EXIF). Embed annotations into original files with Sync Annotations.

Robust Batch Processing

Streamline your workflow by annotating, renaming and converting large numbers of files quickly &easily. Edit images in single or batch mode with Version Control. Full scripting support: using Visual Basic or JavaScript on Windows and Applescript on Macintosh.

Intuitive Archiving &Retrieval

Create compact visual databases (catalogs) with previews &annotations of all your media files that can be browsed and searched, even when the originals are offline. Use powerful search functionality to locate &retrieve your valuable assets. Keep catalogs up-to-date with Folder Watching.

Versatile Media Display

Quickly and easily review, compare, organize and present all of your digital media files that way that you want.

Creative Export Options

Publish &distribute media with cross-platform slide shows, movies or Web Galleries. Create high quality PDF composites, contact sheets &printouts of any size and layout.

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Easy Media Creator 8

* Burn music CDs & DVDs - up to 50 hours on one DVD
* Create video & photo slideshows - now on HD DVD
* Perform easy backup - protect your data

Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 Suite empowers you to live your digital lifestyle to its fullest potential. With 25 products in 1, you go beyond just CD burning! Now you can organize, edit, share and preserve your digital photos, music, video and data.

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Firehand Ember 7.0

Firehand Ember Version 7 comes in two editions:

Firehand Ember Max is a complete photo processing system that includes multiple display modules, powerful photo touch-up and enhancement functions, and much, much more. Ember Max is Firehand's premium Ember edition, and is available for download after purchase.

Firehand Ember Free is a simpler imaging solution for those looking primarily for a photo viewer and organizer. But though it lacks many of Ember Max's signature capabilities, including Ember Max's comprehensive image editing functions, Ember Free is no lightweight! It is built atop the same award-winning imaging engine as Ember Max. And, perhaps best of all, this edition of Ember is available entirely free.

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PhotoShow Deluxe

PhotoShow Deluxe features many of the editing tools found in professional photo software, but makes them easy to use. With PhotoShow Deluxe, you can easily:
- Auto correct color
- Fine tune brightness, contrast, saturation and colors
- Reduce red eye
- Rotate
- Crop
- Apply filters (over 20 choices)
- Paint
- Touch up (erase, clone, smudge...)
- Add animated clip art
- Frame photos
- Add captions & text

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