Useful Equipment

The equipment listed below have been suggested by the Group's Members as having been helpful to themselves and are therefore recommended by them for use to others. The equipment has been put into sections.

Any member knowing of a suitable equipment not listed here is requested to use the contact page to send details so that it may be added to this page.

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The Tees Digital Photo Group does not as a body endorse this equipment.

Digital Storage


FlashTrax is an innovative handheld device that allows you to expand the use of your digital camera and multimedia files. With simple controls and high-speed transfers, FlashTrax allows you to store, view, and play all sorts of media files, all in one palm-size, portable device. FlashTrax wins Innovative Digital Product Award sponsored by the Digital Imaging Marketing Association.

FlashTrax wins Hot1 Award from the Professional Photographers Association of America.

Transfer digital pictures from flash memory cards to FlashTrax. When you’ve filled up your media card, just copy it to FlashTrax, erase it, and keep on shooting. When you’re done, just connect FlashTrax to your computer to view, print, or store your pictures.

View pictures on the 3.5” color LCD or TV. With its large, vibrant screen, FlashTrax is great for previewing your digital images.

Listen to MP3 music. With its massive storage capacity, FlashTrax has more than enough space to take your entire MP3 collection with you. The convenient MP3 control panel on the side makes it incredibly easy to listen to your music anywhere.

Transfer files to your computer. Unlike other devices that require custom drivers or complex interface software, FlashTrax was designed to be as friendly with your computer as possible – just plug it in and use it like a USB 2.0 hard disk. You can even use your FlashTrax to transfer data between computers.


* Pictures - Store JPEG photos on integrated hard drive (over 20,000 typical JPEG images - depends on capacity and camera resolution). View stored photos on large 3.5” color LCD, with ability to zoom, pan and rotate.

* Music - Portable MP3 “jukebox”.

* Video - Watch videos with audio soundtrack – compatible with the video formats created by the “movie” mode of many digital still cameras AVI (MJPEG.AVI files). View pictures or videos on a TV monitor with included video cable and infrared remote control.

* Connect to your PC - Transfer and backup photos (or video, music, voice, etc.) from CompactFlash media, through built-in reader and simple one-step “Copy” button. Easily connect to your PC through high speed USB 2.0.

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