Useful Equipment

The equipment listed below have been suggested by the Group's Members as having been helpful to themselves and are therefore recommended by them for use to others. The equipment has been put into sections.

Any member knowing of a suitable equipment not listed here is requested to use the contact page to send details so that it may be added to this page.

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The Tees Digital Photo Group does not as a body endorse this equipment.

Digital Photo Printers
Epson Stylus PHOTO R200

Premium quality home photo printer with direct CD/DVD printing

The Epson Stylus Photo R200 is the perfect solution to photo printing at home. Providing enormously realistic 6-colour photos and a wealth of features like direct CD/DVD printing, it makes printing your own photos quick, easy and affordable too.

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EPSON Stylus Photo 1290S

The EPSON Stylus Photo 1290S inkjet printer provides lightfast 6-colour Photo Reproduction Quality to professional photographers and photography enthusiasts with results more than comparable to standard photo-lab prints. The Stylus Photo 1290S becomes a desktop photo lab, exquisitely printing everything from portfolios and proofs to letters and web pages- delivering edge to edge output without the need for cropping. Using the latest Photo Reproduction Quality technology incorporating the EPSON Perfect Picture Imaging System, true Photo-Quality performance comes as standard without the need for additional upgrades, while printing on plain paper has been improved even further.

The Stylus Photo 1290S offers breakthrough 2880 dpi resolution for pinsharp text, graphics and photo images, combined with EPSON's 4 picolitre Ultra Micro Dot™ and Variable Sized Droplet Technology for finer detail and gradations.

Improved edge-to-edge printing now means that photos can be printed with no surrounding white space on standard 4"x6", A4, A3 and A3+ paper, meaning that special oversized paper and cropping are unnecessary. For panoramic prints, a roll holder is also supplied that can take 100mm, 210mm and 329mm wide roll media.

Lightfast prints are possible using EPSON's Matte Paper - Heavyweight, which offers in excess of 20 years lightfastness when prints are stored behind glass or in a photo album.

Provided free of charge with the Stylus Photo 1290S is EPSON's PhotoQuicker 3.2 software, which enables edge to edge printing and provides unparalleled ease of use. Also provided is Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The Stylus Photo 1290S includes support for the Universal Serial Bus, fully supported by Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Apple iMac, G3 and G4

* Borderless prints on 100mm, A4, A3 & A3+ media without the need for over sizing or the use of a guillotine
* 2880 x 720 dpi Perfect Picture Printing
* Advanced 6 colour printing for true photo reproduction
* Print speeds of up to 9.4ppm black text and 9.0ppm colour
* EPSON Ultra Micro Dot™ 4pl with Variable Sized Droplet Technology
* USB and Parallel connectivity for Windows® and Macintosh®
* Feature-rich EPSON PhotoQuicker 3.2 software included
* Adobe Photoshop Elements included
* Optional StylusRIP Adobe® Postscript® RIP software

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EPSON Stylus Photo 2100

EPSON continues to set the standards in inkjet printing. With the Stylus Photo 2100, a new level of excellence is achieved. Fulfilling the creative needs of professional photographers, the Stylus Photo 2100 is a complete photo finishing solution, offering the most exceptional print quality ever. Immensely versatile and flexible, it produces long lasting photo quality prints suitable for both display and resale use. The Digital Environment

EPSON has worked hard to meet the exacting requirements of professional and semi-professional photographers. Its recent groundbreaking advances in inkjet print head technology gives photographers the quality to create their work in the versatile digital environment. Minute details are recreated with astonishing clarity at high speeds due to EPSON’s Variable-Sized Droplet Technology, combined with a new Micro Piezo print head. The New Black

EPSON’S Stylus Photo 2100 uniquely offers two varieties of Black ink that can be interchanged to offer consistent quality and finishes between media types. The professional user can now match output between various grades of media. The standard “Photo Black” ink cartridge is suitable for all media types including glossy surfaces, whilst the optional “Matte Black” cartridge offers superior output on matte coated media such as fine art media. Further enhancements include an additional light black cartridge as standard. This improves gradations to both colour and black and white images, widening the colour gamut to enhance greyscale and colour tonal gradations. EPSON’s ‘Gray Balancer’ software is designed to calibrate and customize the greyscales used in black and white photo reproduction. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the application of ink according to the conditions in which prints will be stored or displayed. The results are perfectly balanced, smooth toned, vibrant black and white photos. Creative Flexibility

Whatever photography style is employed, the Stylus Photo 2100 has the flexibility to match the output requirements. 7 individual ink cartridges with re-sealable valves allows for flexible and efficient ink usage as partially used cartridges can be stored for use at a later date; continuous media printing and finishing is possible with the use of the standard roll paper holder and optional auto cutter, whilst a simultaneous paper load feature allows easy switching between cut sheet and roll media. In addition, the Direct CD printing function and software enables personalisation of CD faces without the need of special media so cataloguing digital images has never been simpler. Processing bottlenecks are eliminated due to the extensive highspeed connectivity options. Colour management solution**

To ensure everyone sees the colours you want them to see, EPSON are pleased to offer a cost effective Colour Management Edition of the EPSON Stylus Photo 2100. Complete with a GretagMacbeth Eye-One® DISPLAY colour calibrator**, this colour management solution allows you to create individual display profiles for your monitor, enabling you to work with colour more accurately. **Available in the EPSON Stylus Photo 2100 Colour Management Edition only.

* Photo print quality – 2880 x 1440 dpi
* Long lasting lightfastness suitable for professional re-sale or gallery display
* 7 colour printing with new Light Black as standard
* Individual ink cartridges for maximum ink efficiency
* Precise borderless printing on roll or sheet fed media
* Flexible media handling; paper roll holder, optional auto cutter and catcher
* Direct CD/CD-R/DVD face and card printing (up to 1.3mm thick) enabled by unimpeded direct media path
* USB 2.0 High speed, parallel and FireWire (IEEE1394) connectivity

Test conditions as follows: (Indoor Display Condition)
Light source: Fluorescent light
Intensity: 70,000 lux
Temperature: 24°C
Humidity: 60%RH
Glass mount: 2mm, soda lime
Fade criteria: Pure YMC 30% Loss at OD=1
Display-life Calculation: Total illuminance/(500 lux x 10 hours x 365 days = 1 year)
* The data is calculated by EPSON’s accelerated test and it does not mean EPSON guarantee periods. Tests developed and conducted by EPSON.

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PermaJet Inks and Papers

The extensive range of PermaJet inkjet papers and Epson compatible ink cartridges are designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing ranks of artists who use inkjet technology, but need their prints to last and be finished in traditional textures and finishes.

Whether you wish to work in glorious, rich and vibrant colour or completely controllable, variable tone black and white, PermaJet have the solution you have long been looking for.

PermaJet has captured a niche area in the Ink and print media business with its range of Fine Art Papers and Archival Pigment Inks.

Our target customer is the traditional hand finished photographic printer who knows the meaning of quality imaging and now wishes to produce their work to the highest quality through inkjet printing.

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Fotospeed Products

Fotospeed INKJET EG paper

What is EG? Extended Gamut is Fotospeed's newest paper designed specifically take take advantage of modern dye and pigment ink technologies and let the full range of colours be displayed. Available in a range of sizes and textures.

Fotospeed Continuous Ink Systems

Digital printing can be expensive because of the costs of the inks. If you are a medium to high volume printer, you should seriously be considering a continuous ink system. What is it? Simply, it enables you to replace your Epson or Canon ink cartridges, with a system that uses external ink reservoirs which can be easily be refilled when they run low. This means considerably lower running costs.

Hahnemulhe Fine art paper

Hahnemulhe Natural White indicates the purest mould made papers with no optical brighteners or acids to interfere with the longevity of your image. The Hahnemulhe range contains just about every weight, surface and size of paper, single to double sided, you could ever wish for. Fotospeed have the complete range, including test packs, so you can find the one that suits you perfectly.

SPOT ON profiling service

Consistancy is one area where many photgraphers still don’t have the confidence that what they see on screen, will match what they output from their printer. Fotospeed can help you fill in the missing pieces of this jigsaw with our new Custom Profiling service. Tailor made ICC profiles for your screens, scanner, printer and most crucially, the papers you use, to close the Colour Calibration loop. You can use these custom profiles alongside Photoshop or many other profile aware programs to let you soft proof your images on screen, with confidence. So you know when you hit print, that’s how it will print!

Somerset Enhanced and Bockingford two sided

Two famous names in the Art market. Artists have used Somerset and Bockingford papers to paint with water colours for years – now available from the same mill in Somerset, England these two papers developed for inkjets have an ink receiving layer on one side in the case of the Somerset, and on both sides on Bockingford.

Additionally the Somerset paper comes in three finishes: Satin, Velvet and Textured. All are 225gsm and 100% cotton rag to give the perfect base for art and photographic images and for overall longevity. The papers are available in A4, A3+, A2 and rolls

Fuji Hunt Gloss and Satin inkjet paper

Designed for use with Dye or Pigment inks, this paper gives a really vibrant image tone. Available in both Gloss and Satin finishes, at 280gsm this paper is sumptuous, instant drying, waterproof and has the identical feel of photographic print material. The weight makes big prints made on this material extremely easy to handle. It feeds in all printers effortlessly.

Folex Imaging Inkjet products

The bright red boxes jump right out at you and it can be slightly confusing as to what is in which box or packet. Until you spot the animal! A different animal identifies the product – once you realise this it’s easy.
Folex Premium gloss 210gsm is a double sided product – Gloss one side, Matt the other. And no ordinary gloss either, it can handle lots of ink (no bronzing) and the matt side is of high quality giving sharp definition with no bleed. Top Color Duo 200gsm – a double sided high resolution matt paper with a weight that guarantees that no show through is seen from the image on the other side. Bright white, dead smooth dead matt – very inexpensive and a must for you double sided users. A host of other products that include a Magnetic Jet paper – great for fridge magnets, warehouse racks, metallic surfaces. Tattoo Jet for making temporary tattoos – real looking and no pain!. Transfer Jet for making images on T-shirts. CD lables that are inexpensive. CD Envelopes – a specially coated gloss paper that is pre-formatted for you to print onto. Sticky Jet – a self adhesive white opaque film for attaching to whatever. Cling Jet – a self-adhering film that attaches to glass and polished metal without adhesive. Can be repositioned frequently.

CD Storage Box

Made by hand this flip top archive box in maroon finish deep holds 50 CDs. Chemically inert polyester based CD pockets, which have a separate index section for catalogue information, are used to hold the CDs. Grey Box Board A4 Binder – made from archival board this simple ring binder can hold negative sleeves or prints depending on your desire. A3 Zip Portfolio – totally archival, hand-made with solid board finished inarchival quality Black Library Buckram cloth inside and out. A3 Book Box – comes flat packed for you to assemble and can be bought singularly or in packs of 10. Made of light brown acid free corrugate, it is extremely light in weight. Transleeves – a crystal clear polyester material available in A4 & A3 for prints and for 135 and 120 negatives

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MWORDS is a supplier of inks, continuous inking systems, colour management systems, printing papers and miscellaneous items for the ink-jet printer user.

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Marrutt Digital Solutions

Marrutt are the exclusive distributors of Lyson Archival Professional Inks and Media in the UK, the largest manufacturers of rotary doors and drying cabinets in Europe and UK distributors of VTC Software Training CD roms.

They are one of the oldest names in professional photography and printing in the United Kingdom, with over 40 years experience.

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