Photographic Competitions and Exhibitions

To help Members of the Tees Digital Photo Group who have a desire to enter the range of Competitions and Exhibitions that are available locally, nationally and internationally, this page endeavours to give suitable advice and links to websites of interest.

Any member knowing of help not listed here is requested to use the contact page to send details so that it may be added to this page.

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The Tees Digital Photo Group does not as a body endorse these competitions/exhibitions.

Sharow Photographic Competition

Prize monies up from £735 to over £1,200 – (best overall photograph £250)

Generous prize money for school students 10 – 19 yrs

Four challenging categories to enter:


>People at work



Digital & print formats accepted in all four categories

Closing date for entries 4th April 2008 – your entries are now welcome for the only National Open Photographic Competition for charity. This year proceeds will go to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Rules and entry forms from:

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Signed: David Page

Chairman - Sharow Photographic Competition

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain is an alliance of the 15 photographic federations and unions within the United Kingdom. The Northern Counties Photographic Federation is the geographic federation in the north of England.
Each year the PAGB organises national competitions which are accessed by individuals entering the regionally organised Northern Counties Photographic Federation's Annual Competition from which a Federation entry is made. The selected prints are then judged along with entries from the other regions, the final selection is then hung in several locations around the country each year.
BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is organised by The Natural History Museum, London, and BBC Wildlife Magazine, with the support and sponsorship of the BG Group. Launched each year in BBC Wildlife, its aims are to raise the status of wildlife photography into mainstream art; to showcase the best photographic images of nature worldwide; to inspire a new generation of photographic artists to produce expressive representations of nature; and to use its collection of photographs to make people, worldwide, wonder at the splendid variety of life on Earth and so care about its future.
If you would like to enter the 2005 competition, entry forms will be available from the beginning of January 2005. You may register for an entry form here.