Photographic Competitions and Exhibitions

To help Members of the Tees Digital Photo Group who have a desire to enter the range of Competitions and Exhibitions that are available locally, nationally and internationally, this page endeavours to give suitable advice and links to websites of interest.

Any member knowing of help not listed here is requested to use the contact page to send details so that it may be added to this page.

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The Tees Digital Photo Group does not as a body endorse these competitions/exhibitions.

Exhibitions/Competitions under FIAP patronage

The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) develops its activity world-wide. Its purpose is the promotion of photographic art under all its aspects and by all kinds of photographic events. All considerations of political, ideological or racial order are absolutely banned from the activities of FIAP.
The FIAP was founded by Dr. M. Van de Wijer, in Belgium, who has established links between different national photographic associations throughout the world, since 1946.
The FIAP is an international federation which affiliates as ordinary members, the national associations of photography. FIAP counts more than 85 national associations in the five continents and represents the benefits of nearly one million individual photographers.
For a list of Competitions/ Exhibitions under FIAP patronage see.

Exhibitions/Competitions under PSA patronage

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a world wide organisation of photographers of all ages with many interests and levels of experience.
The purpose of the PSA is "to promote the Art & Sciences of Photography and further public education therein". Whether your images start on film or in a digital camera, the PSA has some activity or service that you’ll find enjoyable.
PSA Recognized Exhibitions are those which meet the standards maintained by the various PSA Divisions. Acceptances in these exhibitions count toward Star Ratings and the annual Who's Who.
For a list of Competitions/ Exhibitions under PSA patronage see.

Digital International Exhibitions

    Member Cliff Banks has been entering Digital International Exhibitions for a considerable period of time. He gives this helpful advice to anyone who is thinking of entering them.
I consider the International Digital Exhibitions to be the way forward for the following reasons:
- Low cost - in production and postage.
- No lost prints or slides for months at a time waiting return.
- Results rapidly seen on the promotor's website.
These exhibitions usually carry FIAP or PSA recognition (see above) and their websites are a good place to start to find suitable promotors.
Step by step guide to preparing your entry.
1. Image preparation
In Photoshop prepare your final image then go to Image>Image Size make sure the box re-sample image is left cleared and alter the resolution to 72 pixels per inch, tick the re-sample image box and alter the longest dimension (height or width) to 1024 pixels, the remaining dimension (height or width) should not exceed 768 pixels per inch. (If it does simply alter that dimension).
2. Filing the image
The image should be saved using the command "save as" select jpeg and when the dialogue box comes up select a figure of 9 and save the image with the appropriate file name, see below.
3. File name
Look carefully at the entry form for the type of file name required, as this is not usually the image title. Examples may be:
    GBa11Banks.jpg or
4. Entry form
The entry form should be downloaded from the appropriate website and may be filled in on line or sent in the post with the entry fee in cash of the specified denomination. It is normal to send the images via e-mail separate from the entry form.
5. Sending the images
Images can be sent on a disk but by far the simpler way is to e-mail them to the exhibition e-mail address as attachments as follows:
    Type a note listing your entries using the filename allocated and the image title then click the attach     symbol (a paperclip) and follow the instructions finding your image and clicking to attach. The     finished document has your notes and you can see the attachments above your notes, then click     send.
6. Sending the money
Although it sounds risky I have not had any problems with sending cash in the appropriate denomination in the envelope with the entry form.

I have found that very helpful advice for entering International Competitions can be found by reading documents one and two.